Mixed Media Originals

The main difference between my Master Originals and my Mixed Media Originals is that the Masters are the very first pieces. On these works I’ve made all the mistakes and changes, battled with ideas and spent weeks pouring over. The proverbial blood, sweat and tears are in this piece. Mixed Media Originals are based on that finished template, so sans challenges I can repaint it in a matter of days instead of weeks…

Why Do I Paint Mixed Media Originals?
There’s just something a bit more special about a piece of art that moves us when it’s been rendered by the artist’s own hand – and I’m not talking about touched up or embellished, many of which are not even done by the artist. Often, the Master Originals may be a bit pricey or are already sold – however, the Mixed Media Originals allow you to choose the painting, size, and even color schemes to match your interiors, all repainted by myself. Although I’m quite adept at matching the Master Original very closely – it’s always going to be unique with it’s own quirks, tones, and doghairs.

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