The Wallflower


The Wallflower Rooted in the cornerNameless flower upon the wallAn unremarkable featureamidst the gardener’s ball. Where wildflowers boldly danceShowing off their bloomsBeckoning the gardenersenticing eager grooms The limelight which they seekIs the light from which she hidesRooted in the cornerAmongst the paper she resides Fragrant sweet bouquets have no place for her to fitHer petals veiled by darknessOf the […]

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Love - St. Victor Diaries

Love God is Love – so it’s been said. It’s also been analyzed that if A equals B, then B equals A. So if God is Love – then Love is God. “Whoa, hold your horses”, says my former evangelical minister. “When it says God is Love, it actually means that God embodies Love, not […]

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Christina the Astonishing

Christina the Astonishing - St. Victor Diaries

Christina the Astonishing Born in Belgium in 1150 and soon orphaned. At the age of 21 Christina suffered a massive seizure after which she was declared dead and said to have visited God who gave her a glimpse of both Purgatory and Hell where she saw numerous friends suffering. She made a deal with God […]

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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams - St. Victor Diaries

Sweet Dreams This painting is about the strength that arises from facing fear “head on.”The wedding gown brings relationships into focus and its blossoming spread signifies the opening up to life that occurs when we water and give light to those relationships.As her hair tumbles down the front it transforms into a waterfall that feeds […]

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Le Debutante

Le Debutante - St. Victor Diaries

Le Debutante This painting is about the presentation of the young southern Debutante, a tradition that dresses up a young impressionable and naive child in the false expectations of parents plastered up against the Plexiglas of social acceptance.The humble and barren origins are laid up against a game board on which the girl is positioned […]

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Waiting to Fly

Waiting to Fly - St. Victor Diaries

Waiting to Fly There’s an adage that states, “the more we know, the more we know how little is known.” Not much more than 100 years ago, scientists had concluded that Newton was the final word when it came to physics and that we’d learned all there is to know on the subject. One theory, […]

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Katrina the Unforseen

Katrina the Unforseen - St. Victor Diaries

Katrina the Unforseen Since the dawn of human awareness three basic questions have burned on the tip of our collective cerebral cortex: Where did we come from, why are we here and what’s going to happen to us when we die. But there is a fourth question that soon arose as likely the result of […]

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