Waiting for Mr. Right

Waiting for Mr. Right - St. Victor Diaries

Waiting for Mr. Right – Waiting For Mr. Right uses the rocket ship as a metaphor for the expectations that many of us hold over a relationship. In her case…

Leaving Las Venus

Leaving Las Venus - St. Victor Diaries

Leaving Las Venus – This work is about women finally breaking through the glass ceiling of business. The Pontiac represents the male drive…


Coppertop - St. Victor Diaries
Deeply involved in animal rescue, we often have a house full of as many as ten to twelve dogs on any given night. Most all of these furry creatures were rescued on their last day of life – all of them wonderful little lives worth living. Some were being put down because they were “unadoptable” for having an injury or illness such as a broken leg or kennel cough. We created a comfortable enclosed area of the house where these dogs could heal and regain their strength and vitality. I painted Coppertop to watch over them and placed her above their pen. The dark and light spheres represent the polarity of life, good and bad work together to create the natural order and are merged by the three symbols above. The cross represents the physical plane merging with the spiritual, the bird is the symbol for harmony and the blank is for potential – what we make of it.

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Tragic Myth of Luxe Ferre

The Tragic Myth of Luxe Ferre - St. Victor Diaries

“The Tragic Myth of Luxe Ferre” – Tells the story behind the story of Lucifer. I’m amazed at how many people have absolutely no idea what the word Lucifer…

The Roch

The Roch - St. Victor Diaries

The Roch – Roch was a French noble who early developed a sympathy for the poor and sick. While on pilgrimage Roch encountered…

The Last Mermaid

The Last Mermaid - St. Victor Diaries

The Last Mermaid – This painting has a very special place in my heart. It was the only painting my beautiful wife Lisa ever posed for just before….

Affair of Dawn and Dusk

The Affair of Dawn and Dusk - St. Victor Diaries

Affair of Dawn and Dusk – The beauty of having a working studio in the world renown Santa Fe Plaza is the mixture of spiritual cultures that meld. Sometimes…

Adventures of Betty Bump

The Adventures of Betty Bump - St. Victor Diaries

Here we examine the bumpy road of life. No matter how prepared we feel we are to challenge every knock and pothole (the bumper car) we are never really sure of what the journey will bring — signified by the training wheels. The castle represents our goals — we know where we want to end up even though the road isn’t clear how to get there. The butterfly represents the joy and sadness along the path simultaneously rising up and getting flattened and the bouquet stands for the blossoming of spirit — all we have to do is reach for it.



Order - St. Victor Diaries

Order – . . . it sounds so simple, almost self-defining. It’s neat, without complexity, hierarchical, a system for success and balance…

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Mary Mary Quite Contrary - St. Victor Diaries

Mary Mary Quite Contrary – The adage that states, “a picture paints a thousand words -” was clearly speaking of Mary Mary Quite Contrary. This provocative…