Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams - St. Victor Diaries

Sweet Dreams – This painting is about the strength that arises from facing fear “head on.” The wedding gown brings relationships into focus and its…

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly - St. Victor Diaries

When Pigs Fly – Born in Belgium in 1150 and soon orphaned. At the age of 21 Christina suffered a massive seizure after which she was declared dead and…

Lady Gaia

Lady Gaia - St. Victor Diaries

Lady Gaia – Represents Mother Earth, her striped gloves cover the hands of creation. The black and white stripes represent the forces of dark and light, ying and yang…


Chaos - St. Victor Diaries

Chaos – Is it possible to think of that word in a positive light or does the prevailing “wisdom” summon images of despair, tragedy or evil? Try this on for size…

The Archer

The Archer - St. Victor Diaries

The Archer – A couple years ago I was contacted by a bright young woman who was getting her new business off the ground…

Raised by Wolves

Raised-By-Wolves - St. Victor Diaries

Raised by Wolves – The mistake we most often make in considering the great debate is that it’s between science…

The Descent of Sophia

The Descent of Sophia - St. Victor Diaries

The Descent of Sophia

This painting is a mirror of the ancient Jewish myth of the soul journey known as The Descent of Sophia (the Goddess of Wisdom).

As the story goes, Sophia is a perfect spiritual being at bliss in the cosmos representing the soul. But she does not recognize the beauty of her true nature so she descends to the earthly plane to experience all of life’s trials, both bitter and sweet. During her journey she travels to the depths of despair as a prostitute only to be reminded of the joy she once knew. With her newly acquired experiences she ascends back to the cosmos only this time fully aware of the bliss of her true nature. Jesus story of the Prodigal Son is a mirror of this as well. It is Sophia who has now gained the wisdom of self awareness and is the messenger of that to all of us experiencing the earthly side of life on our journey back to the realization of our true nature.

In the painting Sophia is wearing aviator headgear signifying the journey upon which she has embarked. She is dressed on the top half in a golden blouse bedecked with jewels signifying the bliss of her life in the cosmos, however, her lower half is in the symbolic attire of the prostitute signifying her lower journey on the earthly plane. She has descended down on the balloon bringing down the embodiment of conscious awareness to a humanity still in it’s early stages of evolution operating within a sphere of instinctually programmed survival mechanisms signified by the little robot. As she presents the balloon to the little robot he is united with his conscious awareness and suddenly his caged instincts are released as signified by all the blackbirds flying out of his birdcage mid-section. All that remains are two love birds gathered together within the cage in the shape of a heart.