After the Rabbit Hole

After the Rabbit Hole

After the Rabbit Hole

After the Rabbit Hole (The Boy and the Fairy)


Said the boy to the fairy,


Take my hand for just a second, and travel with me into forever ~

For on this day, no walls divide us,

On this day we two shall play


And play they did, the boy and fairy

crossing thresholds into wonder

connected by threads of light


Not in hiding we choose our masks, but in freeing, as children play – we’ll dream in orbs of joy


As they laughed their light path deepened, and on that day his walls came down


An invitation into forever in which she gladly gave her wings,

For in a second, time was pleasure, and his smile grew her light


But just as fast, the light extinguished, and force of darkness fell upon him.


Doubt would grow his fortress wall, pushing the fairy out. 

Slamming doors, and crushing wings, with eyes closed not to see her –

Friendship was all she’d sought, a price too high he’d pay


For his walls are back up now,

And a sign hangs outside

Which simply reads…




The Wallflower


The Wallflower

Rooted in the corner
Nameless flower upon the wall
An unremarkable feature
amidst the gardener’s ball.
Where wildflowers boldly dance
Showing off their blooms
Beckoning the gardeners
enticing eager grooms
The limelight which they seek
Is the light from which she hides
Rooted in the corner
Amongst the paper she resides
Fragrant sweet bouquets have 
no place for her to fit
Her petals veiled by darkness
Of the corner where she sits
The gardener does not notice
Her bloom he shall not wear…
…Her fragrance goes unnoticed
No marriage will they share
Rooted in the corner
Only insects know her nectar
The bees know well her taste
As they make the sweetest honey
From ambrosia of the chaste
Slowly they devour and steadily consume
Attracted to her essence
The sweetest of perfumes
Rooted in the corner
no words are ever spoken
for roots of fear are forged 
in hell and dare not to be broken
Rooted in the corner
Slow-dancing with her shadow
Season’s passed, her roots have dried
The Gardener’s ground left fallow.

Gemini – Zodiac Series

Gemini - Zodiac Series

A Fable ~ The Scorpion and the Frog 

A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back. Frog asks, “How do I know you won’t sting me?”  Scorpion replies, “Because if I do, I will die too, for I cannot swim.  “Frog is satisfied, and they set out, but in midstream, Scorpion stings Frog.  “You fool!” croaked the frog, “Now we shall both die!  Why on earth did you do that?” Replies the scorpion: “I could not help myself. It is my nature.”

Although the origins of the fable are somewhat uncertain, the message through the ages remains the same, i.e., we can try to fight and resist it, but sooner or later we must give in to our true nature ~

Why shouldn’t we?  And what is the true nature of Gemini, the twins? (Latin Plural of Geminus “Twin”) ~

My sweet Gemini, who are you today? To whom do you seek to play? Are you filled, are you flying, are you free?

The nature of Gemini is often misunderstood by those who are windswept by the energy of the twins; our five senses limit our perception, recognizing one tangible entity with one singular identity, but this limited insight only reinforces the necessity for the twins to conceal their absolute selves; hence our resistance, bewilderment, and shock when we see a few of their other 50 shades, (not unlike Frog was to Scorpion.).

The Gemini is not a color; they are the spectrum!  One cannot cage or own the wind, but you can let it brush your skin, breathe life into you, and sail.  Acceptance is key, while denial is a merciless sentence.   Gemini is gifted with the innate ability to adapt; he is the chameleon of the Zodiac.  This does not make him inauthentic, on the contrary, the multiple aspects of Gemini enable him to identify with the multitudes in very meaningful ways, albeit in brief intervals though.  Gemini craves to be free. Do not sentence Gemini to a mundane, flat existence with expectations of ‘forever’ – if you do, forever will come quickly to an end. 

Regardless of how much dear Gemini may desire to conform, simply because he knows it would be so much easier, Gemini is painfully aware of his own nature, and Freedom is his most precious possession.

“Give me liberty, or give me death!” – a Gemini quote if ever there was… coincidently, Patrick Henry, Founding Father and 1st Governor of Virginia is responsible for the famous Freedom quote.  Patrick’s date of birth you might ask?  Why, May 29th, 1736, a Gemini of course! 

The Gemini nature is complex, the Twins are not fixed, they are mutable, they are air. Gemini is one vehicle housing a multitude, all operating in perfect synergy and graced with charm. Their acute awareness of your perception will always have them delivering what is expected; they know their role, and will own the appropriate identity for the situation.  With Gemini, our eyes often fail us when we see the one, rather than the many.

Gemini - The Zodiac Series

This piece represents the many aspects of Gemini.  Set in a Norman Rockwell nostalgic Shoppe which represents an All-Americana community, and Gemini’s desire to conform and be embraced, accepted and loved by the community, naturally fitting into the social mold. 

The subtle, Egyptian Eye of Horus and Eye of Ra (background on bar wall) is a play on the “All-Seeing”- No one is ever truly seeing all with Gemini, he often even surprises himself as he learns to expand, and discover his many different aspects.

The dogs represent the Gemini’s duality, one large, one small, one black, one white… two opposite ideas or feelings simultaneously existing. Contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values, coming nose to nose.

The Hobo bag echoes Gemini’s deepest desire to be free, even if it means running away. 

Then of course, the abstract twins… the antithesis of identical who perpetually converge; the male lays across her heartline, trying to separate this aspect of himself from the young girl whom he cannot separate from.  

They must remain together in one environment even if the other does not necessarily want to be there.  It is the contrast within Gemini that is his greatest challenge, and his greatest gift.