Chaos - St. Victor Diaries

Chaos Is it possible to think of that word in a positive light or does the prevailing “wisdom” summon images of despair, tragedy or evil? Try this on for size – chaos is simply the instigator of evolution from an established “order” to a higher level of “order”. To do so, the established order must […]

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Love - St. Victor Diaries

Love God is Love – so it’s been said. It’s also been analyzed that if A equals B, then B equals A. So if God is Love – then Love is God. “Whoa, hold your horses”, says my former evangelical minister. “When it says God is Love, it actually means that God embodies Love, not […]

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Faith - St. Victor Diaries

Faith It’s time to reclaim Faith. I’m tired of the prevailing assumption that faith is the copyright of religion, regarding their adherents as “the Faithful” and those of us who reject a formal, pre-scientific structure to our beliefs and experiences as “Ye of little Faith”. People have mistaken hope for faith. They are not similar.Faith […]

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Order - St. Victor Diaries

Order Order . . . it sounds so simple, almost self-defining. It’s neat, without complexity, hierarchical, a system for success and balance. At least that’s what comes to mind on initial impression. However, upon deeper review, Order is much more complex than imagined because Order is not an isolated state unto itself – it is […]

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