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Affair of Dawn and Dusk

The beauty of having a working studio in the world renown Santa Fe Plaza is the mixture of spiritual cultures that meld. Sometimes my paintings and diaries bring in the more orthodox ministers to “debate” my experiences and studies and realize very quickly that my whole spiritual upbringing was from deep in the heart of their own fundamentalist system and mindset.

After one such debate, I was left with the comment “At least we agree on one thing – that good will triumph over evil in the end.” I was struck by the fact that this is the underlying wedge that has caused such violence in the world. This being that the universe actually follows the mythology of the ancient Zoroastrians in that it is made up of two warring forces doing battle – with human souls the coveted prize.

Any clear minded reading of the Biblical texts make one thing painfully obvious, it was written based upon the beliefs of the day, from observational evidence, that the earth was flat and stationary, that the sun and stars were tiny objects in the sky that rotated around the earth, and could fall to the ground, and that heaven was an actual place just above the clouds where the gods or God lived. There are over 100 verses in the Bible clearly supporting this. Yet so many still believe it was written or inspired by an all knowing deity.

In truth, the universe is some 14 billion light years across and still expanding, there are gazillions of gallaxies with gajillions of stars, and still expanding. There is no such thing as forces of good and evil doing battle over the human souls of little earth. There is no such literal force as good or evil. Good and Evil are purely subjective terms used by one group to alienate another. The speaker is always good, the perceived threat to the comfort of the speaker is always evil. Was Adolf Hitler evil – not to Adolf Hitler nor would he have been to the German Protestant leader Martin Luther, whose ideas and convictions about Jews in his book “Of Jews and Their Lies” was the underpinnings of the Nazi uprising. Always remember – one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

Instead of good and evil, we experience order and chaos – opposing forces that work together to manifest evolution, physically and spiritually. No great change comes without the disruptive influence of a powerful counterforce to trigger it. A supernova, environmental changes, relationship changes, health changes – everything that sparks metamorphosis is painful – therein lies the seeds of evolution. In “The Affair of Dawn and Dusk” we see the two forces sharing both light and dark attributes as they hover around the old world view of a flat and finite universe surrounded by waters.

The earth however is the globe shape we know today with Africa facing forward.

It is Africa, cradle of humanity, that is in dire need and is the clarion call to the rest of the world to evolve the nature of humanity. The upper right box displays the old theological mindset of a tiny cosmos. The falling leaves come from Revelations where it is said that in end times the earth will tremble so much on its foundation that it will literally shake the stars loose from heaven and they will fall down to the earth like fig leaves from a tree shaken by a mighty wind.

The cap on the head of Dusk represents the power and influence to spur change on a global scale held in the major corporations of the world. Depending on our personal stance on each issue and the directions these corporations take, the same scenario can be seen as either good or evil depending on the eyes.

Debate aside – there will always be chaos. Embrace it.

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