After the Rabbit Hole

After the Rabbit Hole

After the Rabbit Hole (The Boy and the Fairy)


Said the boy to the fairy,


Take my hand for just a second, and travel with me into forever ~

For on this day, no walls divide us,

On this day we two shall play


And play they did, the boy and fairy

crossing thresholds into wonder

connected by threads of light


Not in hiding we choose our masks, but in freeing, as children play – we’ll dream in orbs of joy


As they laughed their light path deepened, and on that day his walls came down


An invitation into forever in which she gladly gave her wings,

For in a second, time was pleasure, and his smile grew her light


But just as fast, the light extinguished, and force of darkness fell upon him.


Doubt would grow his fortress wall, pushing the fairy out. 

Slamming doors, and crushing wings, with eyes closed not to see her –

Friendship was all she’d sought, a price too high he’d pay


For his walls are back up now,

And a sign hangs outside

Which simply reads…




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