Awakening Of Coppertop - St. Victor Diaries

Awakening of Coppertop

A couple years ago, I did a painting to watch over and help stimulate the healing process of our rescued shelter dogs. Her name was Coppertop and she became fixed as the archetypal healer.

Gut-torn by the violent insanity of the mantra “God’s Chosen People” and old testament bloodlust mentality of middle eastern tribal sects, I felt it time to bring Coppertop to life – to fill her flesh, not with paint, but with the full empathic emotion of the human condition.

The dark and light hemispheres represent order and chaos, two opposing forces that work together to stimulate higher evolution. They are merged with the three symbols above – the deep red handprint shows the violence between humankind and the dove shows the potential for peace. The open box is free-will, our opportunity to create or destroy – to find a common ground. Her wings are still a background illustration and will not come to life allowing the healer to take flight until the middle box starts to emerge for the better. The text etched in the lighter box simply states, “I Am. Thou Art That.”

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