Chaos - St. Victor Diaries


Is it possible to think of that word in a positive light or does the prevailing “wisdom” summon images of despair, tragedy or evil? Try this on for size – chaos is simply the instigator of evolution from an established “order” to a higher level of “order”. To do so, the established order must first be broken down so that it can be rebuilt – and this is always messy. It’s messy because the beneficiaries of the established order do not want to be broken down, because as history presents – a broader beneficiary base is usually set in its place either dethroning the previous house of power or redistributing its power and wealth base toward a greater balance. We’ve seen the messy and violent uprisings which have usurped the power of the few and expanded it to greater masses in the civil rights movement, the women’s rights movement, scientific discovery and the dethroning of the Divine Right of Kings. While these are by no means at a necessary cosmic balance, the movement is on and is expanding to others. And those who are threatened by it create illusions of chaos as being brought on by evil forces or as punishment by a divine judge. Pandering to and exploiting the belief systems of others has always been a primary tool of maintaining the order of the privileged few at the expense of the many. Chaos is a time-honored event that is slowly leveling and expanding the playing field. How wonderful to note that what we are currently experiencing is simply a move toward a greater balance between and within mankind and nature. Chaos is not to be feared, it’s to be studied, understood and guided. In this painting I represent Chaos as a gift as illustrated with the big red bow with Chaos sitting atop a crumpled purple cloth representing the fall of monarchies at the hands of the disenfranchised. Her striped clothes represent the cosmic tango between order and chaos, yin and yang, working together in evolutionary harmony. The tornado in the back- ground façade is the destructive force of nature which is not evil or punishment, it is simply a natural force of the planet we call home and chaos theory in the other panel represented as a seemingly unrelated series of events, equations or concepts that in retrospect reflect a highly organized pattern tied to a much bigger universal picture. She is shown with the attributes of the fertility god Pan, which was later demonized by the Church, in representing something life-giving as being condemed as evil. Above the façade we see the sunrise dawning as new possibilities and potential arising with every occasion of Chaos.

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