Clipped Wings - St. Victor Diaries

Clipped Wings

I have always been a fan of the vampire. Not the typical blood sucking Dracula, but the life force caught in an evolutionary cycle above the limits of natural forces that currently limit human physicality and below the enlightened state of at-one-ment.

In this state, the lines of morality and ethics blur as they merge with the power of being post human and the heart wrenching state of perpetual alienation.

I don’t view the vampire as a demon or the damned. I view them as a higher branch on the evolutionary tree trying to deal with the circumstances all creation deals with – the challenge of staying alive while finding purpose.

Forget Dracula, Lestat is the ultimate vampire. I try to portray, in this painting, the beauty of the character as well as the danger lurking within the most apt seduction.

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