Coppertop - St. Victor Diaries


Deeply involved in animal rescue, we often have a house full of as many as ten to twelve dogs on any given night. Most all of these furry creatures were rescued on their last day of life – all of them wonderful little lives worth living. Some were being put down because they were “unadoptable” for having an injury or illness such as a broken leg or kennel cough. We created a comfortable enclosed area of the house where these dogs could heal and regain their strength and vitality. I painted Coppertop to watch over them and placed her above their pen.

The dark and light spheres represent the polarity of life, good and bad work together to create the natural order and are merged by the three symbols above. The cross represents the physical plane merging with the spiritual, the bird is the symbol for harmony and the blank is for potential – what we make of it.

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