Deeper Thoughts - St. Victor Diaries

Deeper Thoughts

Deeper Thoughts represents a new level of consciousness. In the city background we find the mundane plane, the material world full of its Newtonian concepts of life in separation.

But with the blooming of the flower on her hat we see the emergence of a whole new vantage point, one that carries us to the top of the mountain and changes our view forever. We see the dramatic inter-connectivity that pulls everything from the mountains, valleys, deserts, oceans, busy cities and desperate slums into the body of our own soul. This is the awakening.

We have traditionally viewed an awakening as experiencing a measure of heaven, however, we now know that it also contains a measure of hell as we feel the suffering of those who have been previously excluded in our mindset of separateness. This is shown in the dress that she wears which is a symbol of all the little lights of souls that help make up all that is – thus part of the building block of all that we are.

Heaven and hell together illuminate all that can be and all that needs to be done.

They are the measure of evolution.

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