Lady Gaia - St. Victor Diaries

Lady Gaia

Lady Gaia is the physical manifestation of our living planet. She is Mother Earth.

Lady Gaia’s striped gloves cover the hands of creation. The black and white stripes represent the forces of dark and light, ying and yang, chaos and order which work together to manifest the metamorphism from simple organism to enlightened being as represented by the butterflies.

Her blowing hair is the branches of evolution. Evolution does not act in a linear motion, but has many branches from its varied roots, and the phases of each branch itself either dies or evolves to ever higher levels of being as represented by the dove. In this, I believe that the more ardently we pursue a higher state of evolving, the sooner we will find universal peace through love and understanding.

As her hair tumbles down the front it transforms into a waterfall that feeds the waters of our origins. In this we see the various forms of life all of which play critical roles in maintaining the ecological balance.

Underneath the dress we see the tree of life growing into Gaia from a seemingly inanimate river rock. However, all objects contain the Energy of Light which is really the only thing that truly exists, giving all life the cooperative potential of co-creation.

The many stones huddled in the background at left represent the billions of people who still see themselves as separate entities, wretched, sinful and fallen. The stones at right are the few who recognize the ancient myths of pre-scientific minds and are starting to move forward realizing that they are themselves part of the Divine, never fallen but always evolving.We are a vital part of the continuing motion of creation.

As a new Santa Fean, Lady Gaia gives me the opportunity to paint my first Santa Fe landscape into the background, but with the purpose of exposing its glorious beauty as merely the radiant flesh of our Mother.

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