Order - St. Victor Diaries


Order . . . it sounds so simple, almost self-defining. It’s neat, without complexity, hierarchical, a system for success and balance. At least that’s what comes to mind on initial impression. However, upon deeper review, Order is much more complex than imagined because Order is not an isolated state unto itself – it is a part of a universal duality. It is alternately a stepping-stone and a resting spot from which to assess stages of evolution from the macro universe to the micro organism. It is part of a cosmic tango with its twin force – chaos.

On a human level, Order helps us to regroup and clarify where we are sociologically, emotionally and spiritually as a collective. This forms our clan, tribal and global morals and identities. Those in the position of comfort and favor fight to hold on to the new established order, while those still subjugated by it fight to further the journey toward balance – this is chaos.

The goal of Order is to work hand in hand with chaos to continually break itself down so that it can re-establish itself on a more evolved plane. This is similar with working out. The work out is difficult and painful, but with rest and recovery the results are manifest in a physical evolution. The sooner we understand the process, the greater our ability to target problem areas and bring on the pain in a planned and targeted program for positive change.

In the painting, Order is represented by the hierarchical state of Order in the Catholic schoolgirl uniform. This is accented with the fake halo and leg tattoo (my logo) to show that there is another side to Order, something different than what may be assumed. She is standing very close to the edge of a sheer drop showing that Order is always treading near the edge of falling, which is a function of chaos. The buildings around her represent tight structure associated with Order, but up out of the abyss of chaos rises something that on the surface may not look like much initially, but houses the seeds for future generations to grow from represented by the blossoming plant above, and the characatured family drawn into the cardboard house. Someday, I believe that will be each of us in a new Order, in a new body with the same but evolved consciousness of today.

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