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Thoughts on My Thoughts

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Welcome to my first blog. Actually, it’s more of an introduction to my attempt at blogging so that there should be no preconceived notions of excellence. It is simply my way of getting the nagging voices out of my head that plague me throughout any given day in which I run into the “huh?”

The “huh?” is my initial gut reaction to a statement, claim or event that seems to cross the boundaries of logic then propel itself into a crowd of gape mouth gawkers who simply nod and say, “go on – as you were instructing us . . .”.

It is this “said in passing” context that when it hits me funny, rolls around in my head and won’t let me sleep.

"I was taught that Noah lived around 2500 BC, so given that as fact – the natural side bar of such an event would be as deduced: only eight people on the entire planet, no living plants and only 2 of each animal and bug during the middle of the bronze age. “Huh?!”

I blog to sleep. Just a few paragraphs of something, anything, that gets my “huh?”. For example: my first big “huh?” which caused me to challenge everything I was being taught through continual “passing statements” was the idea that if what I believed at the time were literally true (I was a young earth creationist), then there would have only been eight people on the entire planet during the middle of the bronze age.

Question the "huh?"

During the coming year I plan to share some of my thoughts on such ‘huh’ matters as why is masturbation an abomination to God and why is there such a high value placed on virginity. Why is “death with dignity” considered the ultimate sin of suicide and why is suicide considered the ultimate sin of eternal damnation? (Hint: the Inquisition) Of course, as life events unfold and more “huhs” are introduced, I will fumble around with my thinking and try to make sense of what seems like non-sense to me at the time.

In the past I would simply self edit and relegate my musing to more over-arching ideas so I could share them through the paintings. However, not all are pliable enough to create something that works great with the drapes in the living room (see “masturbation as an abomination” above) And not all make it past the newspaper editors with the comic strip – I guess the same topic applies here too. So I will simply dedicate it to a few brief paragraphs on my website.

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If masturbation is an abomination unto God, then it also follows that other natural human endeavors such as, oh I don't know, say breathing and sleeping are as well. Even abnormal behavior can be understood and explained as documented by the science of Psychology and Psychiatry. Which leads us to real question here...Is knowledge an abomination unto God?

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