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When Pigs Fly


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Hand Textured Canvas

Limited Editions On Canvas: Unlike most limited edition prints and even so-called Artist Embellished prints – I do all the work on these pieces me myself personally (as my wife says). Each print is hand textured with a clear gel medium that not only protects the inks from environmental conditions, it adds a nice tangible brush work texture to the artwork. These are unstretched which allows me to keep the price very low for this type of addition because of the great reduction in shipping cost (which I try to do for free). They can easily be stretched at your convenience at any Aaron Bros., Michael’s or local frame shop very inexpensively. Each is numbered and personally dedicated to you on the back of the canvas and comes with its specific “Diary”. Edition of 95

Artist Embellished on Canvas

These are stretched onto heavy duty stretcher bars, ready for either framing or hanging as is. I hand edge each piece, then apply a heavy duty gel to every inch of the piece with my regular brushes adding textured brush strokes – by the actual artist! This is rare in the print industry. When that dries, I then highlight key areas of the painting with oil paint bringing it to life, then sign it in oil. Each is numbered and personally dedicated to you on the back of the canvas and comes with its “Diary” and Certificate of Authenticity. Edition of 25

Mixed Media Originals

There’s just something a bit more special about a piece of art that moves us when it’s been rendered by the artist’s own hand – and I’m not talking about touched up or embellished, many of which are not even done by the artist. Often, the Master Originals may be a bit pricey or are already sold – however, the Mixed Media Originals allow you to choose the painting, size, and even color schemes to match your interiors, all repainted by myself. Although I’m quite adept at matching the Master Original very closely – it’s always going to be unique with it’s own quirks, tones, and doghairs. The Mixed Media Originals are stretched and framed in a very nice “espresso” colored box frame which grows each painting without detracting and goes with virtually every interior. Editions are 1 0f 1 as it’s too hard to recreate each exactly alike – and besides, who wants that.

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